A New Year
Dec 30th, 2014

Its been awhile since you've heard from us, but we haven't forgotten about our idea or our mission. We've been working very hard since the summer; finishing, refining, and polishing our product. We are almost ready to release a brand new iOS version of our app along with an official Android version. Keep posted for updates.

We have decided to rename our app to Nightli. We thought that this name would more closely convey what our app does. We still believe in The Social Evolution and believe that Nightli fits very well into that vision.

It seems as though every year brings drastic changes to my life. Reflecting back, this year has been great. We've almost realized our dream to bring this product and idea to market. We hope that you'll continue to follow us into the new year and be excited to the see the future.

Happy New Year,

The Next Social Evolution
Jun 1st, 2014

Social networks have changed the way the world works in ways we are just beginning to understand. I remember the first real social network I was a part of was AOL Instant Messenger. I have very fond memories of chatting with my friends until the wee hours of the morning. It changed my life by giving me the freedom to communicate with my friends before I had a cell phone. Fast forward a few years and MySpace appeared, then Facebook, then Twitter… All of these social networks have changed the way the world communicates in one way or another.

People have spent years building their social networks in both the analog, and digital world. Thanks to the cloud, new technologies are allowing us to take the next step forward to a new social future. It is what we call The Social Evolution. The basic premise of the idea is quite simple: "To use existing social networks as a platform to deliver new goods and services." But the ramifications of this idea are profound. With all this data available to us, we can deliver new experiences that we as users really care about.

Socievo as an app is the first implementation of this idea of the social evolution. It began as an idea with my friend and I in the living room of my house at about 12 o'clock in the morning. It was the answer to our question: "What is going on around us tonight?" What are my friends doing? What are people around me doing? How many people are doing something tonight? By the very nature it was a social problem. How can I communicate with people I care about about tonight? We began with a white board and batting around ideas we had in our heads. But with any new idea we began with a metaphorical uncarved wood block. After about six months we widdled the block into a abstract sculpture. Over the next two years we engineered a web application to serve up the answers to our questions.

We are ready to get our product into the your hands. We are really excited to both push forward our vision for the future and can't wait to see what it holds!